About Us

City & Country Southdowns began in 2011 with a purchase of one ewe lamb from Ross Mouser of Claresholm, AB. I was asked to show this ewe lamb at our local fair (Chilliwack). Low and behold she became The Supreme Overall Southdown ewe and then The Supreme Overall ewe of breeds at the fair. Truly an honor to win such a status just starting out with my own flock. Later that fall we purchased that Supreme ewe's dam Gates 2T from Mr Mouser.

Over the years we have introduced Higginson Southdowns and Todd Sheep Company ewes who now are the backbone of the current flock. We can't thank these two breeders enough for their guidance, mentorship and help throughout the years. And with being the two oldest Southdown breeders in Canada we highly respect and look up to these two amazing flocks.

I have been around the Southdown breed since the age of 4, as my Uncle and Aunt used to show and breed Southdowns (All Fours Farm) in the 80's - 90's. They got me involved with Langley Lamb & Woolcraft 4-H club where I was an active memeber for 8 years and it taught me a lot. "Learn to do by doing" is a huge influence in my life today.

City & Country Southdowns currently consists of 9 ewes. The ewes have all been selected from "working ewes lines" as I feel the ewe is your backbone for your flock. My ewes consist of about 3 different ewe families and soon to be 80% homegrown, these close knit ewe lines resutling in predictable, consistent progeny. We also have used rams from MB Genetics, Todds, Higginsons and recently New Zealand (Waidale). This September we will be using a Fernhill Ram (Australia) thanks to Todds for making this happen. Very excited about that!!

I have always strived for having quality over quantity in my flock, with a limited number of ewes and consistent working females. My goal is to have my ewes perform on the pasture, in the barn and in the show rings while given the chance.

We were located in Chilliwack, BC but recently have relocated to beautiful Carstairs, Alberta. Out here, my style of Southdowns is little different from the ever common babydoll and normal. Mine have a little more legs, mass to bodies, bigger boned but still have that Southdown breed character.

If you're ever looking for some Southdowns with a bit of Country & City in them be sure to check us out in Alberta or at the National All Canada Sheep Classic and will be happy to talk sheep. As the saying goes "Every flock begins somewhere."

Thank ewe!

Andrew Paisley